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Who is Mind Blowing Productions?

Mind Blowing Productions is a leading international entertainment agency for artists and event organizers. The agency was born by a conglomerate of passion driven experts in the music industry with the intention of promoting and organizing events at an international level. Due to their long career and successful businesses that started in 2004 and by working alongside some of the most influential artists in today’s music industry, Mind Blowing Productions has become one of the most solid independent agencies in such markets as Latin America, U.S.A and Europe.

What we do?

Mind Blowing Productions offers a wide variety of services with the focus on creating a company capable of providing for its clients the entire spectrum of needs and tools behind the live performances business.

· Worldwide Bookings
· Tour Production
· Tour Managing Services
· Merchandise Productions and Distribution
· Event Organizer

Worldwide Bookings

We specialize on the whole booking process of tours and shows on behalf of artists; from soliciting to our data base networks, to routings, budgeting and contracts execution.

Tour Production

We provide all elements that involve the production behind a tour. Travel, equipment, video production, light production, sound production, artist’s hospitality, advancing and more.

Tour Managing Services

The agency provides professional and well experience tour managers for the day-to- day needs on the road. Tour Managers have over 5 years of experience traveling their regions, allowing a more comfortable ride for the client.

Merchandise Productions
and Distribution

Our merchandise providers are some of the leading companies in their markets. We provide designs creations, production and distribution of products in USA and Europe, as well as merchandise guys to handle accounting and merchandise for larger tours.

Event Organizer

We understand the ins and outs of producing events. This is why we are now producing our own shows in key markets around the world where we have gain experience, network and understanding.

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